Calf Feed

In our endeavours to continually assess and improve our Feeds, with input from our Nutritionists, and with positive results from trials with clients in 2011 we are continuing with a fantastic new ingredient called Orego-Stim in our calf feed range. Orego-Stim is the 100% natural feed additive/flavouring used Globally in livestock diets to maximise overall performance and returns. Derived from the Oregano Herb, Orego-Stim has the benefits of:

  • Faster weight gain for Calves
  • Reduced scouring episodes
  • Improved digestibility
  • Improved palatability
Milligans CMR's – Classic, GOCalf Whey, GoCalf Boost, Excel Plus 20 kg
CLARKES Thrifty Calf Pellets  25 kg
High Protein Calf Pellets (20% Pro) - Red 25 kg
Muesli Mix Calf Meal (16.5% Pro) - Blue 25 kg
Weaner Calf Pellets (14% Pro) - Gold 25 kg
Economy Calf 25 kg
Nutritech Remedies Full range
Nutritech Electrolytes 8 kg
Nutritech Colostrum Keeper 2 kg

Save $$$ with Volume Discount on Calf Feeds


For clients using 10 Tonne or more we are continuing our volume incentive on calf feeds. Accounts will be invoiced at standard season prices, and payment is required in full as per normal credit terms. A credit of $20 per Tonne on calf feed used, will be given to all clients who meet this criteria. Credit is paid on the first invoice at the beginning of the following calf season.

Clarkes "Muesli Mix" Calf Meal


Our proven molassed “muesli mix - easy starter” meal includes cereal grains and protein meals to maximise rumen development. Includes Coccidiostat and our special flavoured Vit/Min Premix. Use it as a starter or can be fed as a complete balanced diet throughout the season....the calves just love it!! Bags are colour coded Blue for easy identification / ordering.

Clarkes Weaner Calf Pellets


Formulated as an economic option for weaner calf development once diet is supplemented with grass and milk volume has been reduced. Includes Coccidiostat and Vit/Min premix for enhanced growth rates. Bags are colour coded Gold for easy identification /ordering.

Clarkes High Protein Calf Pellets


A highly palatable mix of cereal grains and high protein/energy meals formulated for that extra boost to maximise growth rates. Can be combined with concentrated milk diets. Includes Rumensin for coccidiosis prevention and improved feed efficiency. Bags coloured coded Red for easy identification/ordering. Designed with similar ingredient type to our Muesli Mix and Weaner

Clarkes Economy Calf Meal


Designed as an economic “back-to-basics” calf feed with high palatability. A “Muesli” type feed that includes a wholesome mix of rolled barley, copra, coccidiostat and molasses.

Nutritech Remedies


Electrolytes, Colostrum Keeper, Disinfectant

Principals of Good Calf Rearing

  • Thoroughly remove all old bedding, clean and disinfect sheds and pens prior to start of new season.
  • Provide draught-free but well ventilated shelter.
  • Do not over-stock.
  • Ensure navels are treated with 7-8% iodine solution soon after birth.
  • Ensure calves consume 3-4 litres of colostrum within 12 hours of birth (preferably within 6 hours for best effect)
  • Only dilute colostrum that is too thick to be sucked through teats - do not over-dilute.
  • Bought in calves should be given electrolytes as their first feed on arrival.
  • Ideally the same person should feed the calves every day.
  • Do not overfeed.
  • Good quality calf meals stimulate intake of solid feed and rumen development.